Solutions for Success

Northeast Hockey Group, LLC was founded in order to give players and parents the best opportunity to succeed.

In order to do that, our advisors work 24/7 to get our clients the most exposure possible. When you sign with us, we make sure to go to work right away. There are no hidden costs in our program.

After signing our consulting agreement, you will get 24/7 attention from our staff. With the attention to detail and player placement our highest priority, we are able to move players on to the following levels; 

  • AAA Midget (U14) (U16) (U18)

  • New England Prep 

  • Junior (Tier 1) (Tier 2) (Tier 3) 

  • NCAA (D1) (D3)


What you Get


24/7 Availability

Once you sign with Northeast Hockey Group, you are apart of a select family. We are always here to help you get to the next level. Whatever level that may be.

In Depth Market Knowledge

Being a young company, our advisors have lived in the new hockey world. Just getting out of the game can help with decision making. We are here to help you.


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